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We've Chosen Some of RVA's Community Heroes

We've teamed up with BNW Builders' Building Needs and Wishes program to find RVA's Community Heroes; those who do great deeds for others! There were so many great candidates.  BNW Builders has narrowed it down to five finalists. ONE will receive a free exterior home improvement project. 

Read their stories and be sure to vote on your favorite below! 



Teresa is single and owns her own home. She is a nurse and works two jobs to make ends meet. Her Dad helped with things around her house, but recently he had back surgery and complications, so not he can not bend or lift. He was going to fix her front porch and fence, but that is put on hold for now. Teresa is a pediatric nurse and loves to give back to the kids. She made a treasure box for the kids with small gifts they can choose from after their chemo. She is always doing fundraisers for March of Dimes and other local organizations. Her mother adds, "She works so hard I would love for her to be proud of her home. Thanks for considering her!"


John Harvey has performed for CLC and hospice and taught clinics on music for our disabled veterans at the VA hospital. He has helped the veterans deal with their disabilities by performing with them especially the community living center at public functions. "All of John's work at the VA hospital has been on a complete volunteer basis," writes friend, Nora J. An employee of Hunter Holmes McGuire Medical Center adds, "Mr. Harvey has been an incredible asset to our community and a blessing to the many people he is so willing to give his time to and does not expect anything in return."


Jo is nominated by Doris who states, "Jo is a woman in her 50's who is working tirelessly to improve Highland Park area of the Northside of Richmond. Her projects are numerous, but one is visiting families after a murder has occurred to help them know neighbors care. Another is the founding of “saving our youth” where she gathers young adults and gets business men and women to come and encourage them and tries show successful life skills. She is working to reopen a neighborhood park that has been closed because of drug trade and she has encouraged neighbors to be proactive in trying to keep drug dealers out of the neighborhood. Most recently she arranged a meeting with the police and church leaders in Highland Park to try to reach out to people and re-establish community for that neighborhood."


Leslie H. says, "Charles Pollard took me and my kids in after I lost everything 3+ years ago. His wife had passed away and left him on the brink of disaster financially. Medical debt, credit card and home equity loan debt were swallowing him up, but he took us in. Me with no job and him struggling. We helped each other in the greatest struggle of our lives. I got a great job 2 years ago and he moved back to Mississippi to try to get himself together and I have been renting his house ever since. I make repairs as needed but, his house needs a roof badly and he can not yet afford it. It may be a while before he is in position to replace the roof, but it is in really rough shape and it would be a shame to have his only home be ruined while he is trying to recover from this devastation. He selflessly took in me and my kids and saved us from the street. I wish I could help him more, but I am recovering myself. If anybody deserves this, he does.


Brandy was nominated by her neighbor who wrote, "My neighbor is a single mother who juggles a full-time job working with children, her daughter and going to school full time while still finding time to cut the grass at my house and the house beside me. We are both elderly households and she has firmly stated she will not take payment as the "action and exercise is good for her." She pulls our trashcans to the curb and back on trash day. She's had her daughter check on us, visit with us, clean off our porch and always saying the deed is payment enough. She takes care of children at a daycare and always looks after the children in our neighborhood when she is walking with her daughter in the afternoons. Her roof is rusting and I wish I could give her a shingled roof. Her porches are in need of repair and she does not know it, but I nailed a board back in place that had fallen from her steps. She's one of those people who is humble and serves others with joy and love, even when we can all see how tired she is. I would love to see her helped in any way. Thank you"