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Argument About "Chevy or Ford" Sparked a Shooting in VA

Of all the dumb reasons to pull out a gun and shoot someone, this has got to be right at the top! A Virginia man was arrested after allegedly shooting two people when they disagreed over wether or not Chevy or Ford is better! I'm a Chevy gal myself, what about you? Prosecutors said a Bedford County...
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RVA Man Steals Hundreds of Gallons of Grease From a Burger King

A man from Richmond stole hundreds of gallons of used cooking grease from a Burger King! Used cooking grease can be used to create bio-diesel fuel so I guess he was looking to tap into that market. You can read more on this story below!
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Man Caught Rubbing Produce On His BUTT!

A man in Northern Virginia was arrested at a Giant grocery store after he was caught pulling his pants down and rubbing various produce items on his BUTT! He then put the items back on the shelf!! According to police several pallets of fruit had to be destroyed. This is EXACTLY why you wash your...
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