New Bill Seeks to Raise the Age to Buy Tobacco in VA to 21

A new bill in the General Assembly seeks to raise the age to purchase and possess tobacco products in the state of Virginia from 18 to 21. The bill - HB2748 - includes “nicotine vapor products, and alternative nicotine products, and the minimum age for persons such products can be sold to.” This...
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Thousands Sign Petition to Merge the Dakotas into One State Called MegaKota

A new day, a new and weird petition. This time over 16,000 people have signed a petition to merge North Dakota and South Dakota into one giant state called "MegaKota". As dumb as this is, I'm kinda on board with it! You can find the petition HERE. I am 110% on board with #MegaKota . Except the name...
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2019's First Stupid Jeans Trend

We all knew it was coming - the first DUMB new jean trend of 2019. How have designers ruined jeans for the sake of high fashion you ask? They're called "asymmetrical" jeans, where one leg is a different style from the other. They honestly make me whish acid wash jeans would make a comeback in a non...
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Bacon On Everything

On January 30th, McDonald’s stores nationwide will unveil the brand new Big Mac Bacon burger, Quarter Pounder Bacon burger, and Cheesy Bacon Fries. In a public statement, McDonald's stated, “People love bacon, and they love our iconic Big Mac, fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers and World Famous...
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Nacho Cheese Dispensing Billboard?

Taco Bell just came up with a pretty great marketing campaign. On the 19th of January, Taco Bell will put up a billboard in Toronto that dispenses free, unlimited nacho cheese. Introducing the NACHO -- CHEESE -- NAKED -- CHICKEN -- CHALUPA -- Let’s eat. A post shared by Taco Bell (@tacobellcanada)...
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Will You Marry Me?

On New Years Eve, an English man proposed to his girlfriend, however he meant to propose to the woman he was cheating on her with. The man was drunk and instantly was looking for a way to un-propose. As any sane man would do, he turned to Reddit to get assistance. Check out his post here . He then...
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What Is The Most Popular Condiment In Your State?

The product-ratings website went through about 50,000 reviews to see which condiments are the most popular in each state. They did their research and have published it for our enjoyment. However, the site used a broad term for what they consider a condiment as well as the list is...
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California Man Licks Doorbell For 3 Hours

The cops in California are searching for a man who stood outside a family's home early on Saturday, and spent his morning licking a doorbell for 3 hours. The police department stated that 33-year-old ,Robert Arroyo, will be licking some prowling charges once he is detained. Check out Mr. Arroyo...
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Call Your Parents Back ASAP

Nick Herbert created an app called, "ReplyASAP", where he takes the whole “make sure to check in” statement to the next level. Amazing, #ReplyASAP made it to @mashable . #honour #amazing — ReplyASAP (@ReplyASAPapp) August 24, 2017 In order for the kid to “unfreeze” their...
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KFC Giving Free Bowl Cuts On Thursday

On Thursday, KFC is offering free bowl hair cuts at a Brooklyn barber shop to help promote their $3 Famous Bowls deal. We’re taking the best thing to come in a bowl and the best thing to come out of the 90s and bringing them together. Introducing KFC Famous Bowl Cuts. Learn more and book your...
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