Meow Mix Has A Country Version Of Their Jingle

This is one of the strangest cat food ad campaigns I have ever seen. Meow Mix has recorded different versions of their famous jingle. They have created a fake cat country duo called Heart & Paws that "recorded" a version of the jingle. They even created a fake bio about them ! Check out Heart...
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Someone Attached Tiny Cowboy Hats To Pigeons In Las Vegas

Someone in Las Vegas has gone around an put tiny cowboy hats on pigeons in the area! Someone is putting tiny cowboy hats on Vegas pigeons. There are consequences to legalizing marijuana. — Las Vegas Locally -- (@LasVegasLocally) December 7, 2019 It sounds cute in theory,...
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Lucky Charms

Pillsbury Launches Lucky Charms Cookies!

How do you make a cookie better? You add Lucky Charms to it! Pillsbury and Lucky Charms have teamed up to bring you a ready to bake, marshmallow filled cookies this year. A package makes 12 and you should be able to find them at your local Walmart. Check them out below! Limited Edition Pillsbury...
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VA Farm Creates 'Will-hay' Nelson Tribute To Legend Willie Nelson

This is cool! A farmer owner in Roanoke has created a giant hay sculpture of Willie Nelson aka Will-hay Nelson! The sculpture has even gotten some global attention with articles being written about it in New Zealand! Check out Will-hay Nelson below!
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Man Registers Beehive As Service Animal

A man in Arizona registered his beehive as service animal! David Keller and his family don't keep bees but he regstered a beehive as a service animal to prove a point. He says that last month he saw a service dog that appeared to be misbehaving. Keller says the dog had a vest and was pulling it's...
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Hurricane Dorian

Jeep That Got Stuck During Hurricane Dorian Makes It's Christmas Parade Debut

Remember #JeepWatch2019? The Jeep that captured the attention of the nation after it got stuck on the beach during Hurricane Dorian was just in a Christmas Parade in Myrtle Beach! The Jeep’s owner, Brittany Feliciano, said they are hosting a 'Fill The Jeep' event and collecting non-perishable food...
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In Queso Emergency: Qdoba Has A Queso Candle Now!

First we had the KFC fried chicken scented fire log, now we have the Qdoba queso scented candle! They go on sale on the Qdoba site on December 10th and one will set you back $10. You can find one HERE.
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Bad Santa

Bad Santa: Walmart Apologizes For Sweater Depicting Santa Doing Drugs

'Let It Snow' takes on a whole new meaning with this racy Christmas sweater! Walmart is apologizing after some customers took to social media to complain about a tacky Christmas sweater on the company's site. The sweater in question depicts Santa doing drugs with the caption 'Let it snow' beneath...
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Someone Got a Tattoo of Baby Yoda Drinking a White Claw

This is peak 2019. Someone decided to get a tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking a White Claw! I hope they enjoy the Internet points while they last. Ain’t no laws when baby yoda drinking claws. To end 2019 I got a tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw. Enjoy babbbby! — Baby...
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Lil Bub

Beloved Internet Star Lil Bub Has Died

Beloved Internet sensation Lil Bub has passed away at the age of 8. According to her owners, Bub had been battling a "persistent and aggressive bone infection". Lil Bub was rescued in 2011 by her owner after she and her siblings and feral mother were found in a tool shed in Indiana. Lil Bub was the...
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