Chicken Nuggies

McDonald's Has Vegan Chicken Nuggets Now

McDonald's Norway has created vegan chicken nuggets!They aren't available in the states yet but they probably will be soon enough. Check em out below!
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Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood Has Her Own Coffee Collection!

Attention all coffee fans! Trisha Yearwood has her own coffee line! It's available at Williams-Sonoma and included flavors are a signature blend, a Georgia pecan flavor, a French vanilla coffee and a French vanilla syrup. I'm not even a coffee drinker but these all sound yummy! Start your day with...
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10 Cats You Should Be Following On Instagram

A new study out of Indiana University says that viewing online cat content is good for your health! They found that cat videos can boost energy and positive emotions. As an avid cat content lover, here is my list of cats you should totally follow on Instagram. If you boss gives you crap about...
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Cruise Ship

Norwegian Cruise Line Is Giving Away FREE Cruises to Teachers!

Say whaaaaaaaaat? Norwegian Cruise Line is giving away 15 free cruises to teachers in the U.S. and Canada! Between now and April 12th you can nominate your favorite teacher to win one of the cruises. Teachers can even nomanate themselves! Nominate your favorite teacher HERE .
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Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin Have Been Charged In a College Admissions Scam

Yikes! Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among dozens charged in a massive college admissions scam. The scheme involved facilitating cheating on SAT/ACT tests and bribing college administrators and coaches to recruit specific students. US Attorney Andrew Lelling said in a press conference "...
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Spanish Company Creates Vegan, 3D Printed "Steak"

Say what? A Spanish company has created a plant based "steak" that can be 3D printed and cooked in minutes. Check it out below.
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Target USA Today

VA Woman Charged with DUI For Assaulting An Officer After Drinking Boxed Wine at Target

A woman from Stafford, VA has been charged with DUI after she reportedly drank a box of wine while at Target. She then left Target and was pulled over during a traffic stop where an officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol. Following a field sobriety test she started kicking the officer. Does boxed...
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Some of the 10 Best 'Florida Man' Stories

We've all seen the headlines before, "Florida Man Arrested After (Insert Insane Hijinks Here)". I was plesantly surprised to find out that there is an entire twitter account dedicated to the 'Florida Man' and the totally ridiclous things they get up to. Here are some of the best stories. You can...
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Crazy 7 Foot Fish Never Before Seen in North America Washes Ashore

A GIANT, 7-foot hoodwinker sunfish washed ashore in California this week! The fish certainly looks odd and is a loooong way from it's native waters. The fish has never been seen in North American waters and can usually be found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile. A typical sunfish...
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This Hoodie Has a Pocket to Carry a Hot Slice of Pizza With You at All Times

Get licensed to carry...a hot slice of pizza with you at all times! Scraptown USA has created a hoddie with a pocket for your pizza! You can purchase on at their Kickstarter page for $55 HERE. Video of Pizza Pocket Hoodie Infomercial
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