Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream Is Looking For A Woman That Was Filmed Licking Their Ice Cream And Putting It Back On Shelf

Why do people think they can just film themselves doing something super dumb and the put it on the internet? Blue Bell Ice Cream is working with authorities to track down a woman who can been seen opening a carton of their ice cream, licking the top, and then returning it to the store shelf. I will...
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VIDEO: Man Caught Bathing In The Wendy's Kitchen Sink

Dude, I JUST ate at Wendy's yesterday! Wendy's is investigating one of their locations in (you guessed it!) FLORIDA after a video surfaced of a man taking a bath in the restaurant's kitchen sink! So gross! You can see the video below (Be warned, there IS some foul language in it.)
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Man Caught Rubbing Produce On His BUTT!

A man in Northern Virginia was arrested at a Giant grocery store after he was caught pulling his pants down and rubbing various produce items on his BUTT! He then put the items back on the shelf!! According to police several pallets of fruit had to be destroyed. This is EXACTLY why you wash your...
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