Domino's Creates Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza

Have we gone too far? Domino's has created a Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza. That's right, SPAGHETTI, on PIZZA! Now, I LOVE ham and pineapple on pizza but adding spaghetti to the mix seems like too much. Like, I'd rather just keep them as separate dishes. Currently it's only available in New Zealand and...
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Win FOUR Tickets to Hanover Vegetable Farms Strawberry and Wine Festival

Hanover Vegetable Farms 4th Annual Strawberry and Wine Festival is coming up this weekend! Register below for your chance to win a BIG four pack of tickets!
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Trace Amounts of Cocaine Have Been Found In Freshwater Shrimp

I love coconut shrimp but I'm not so sure about cocaine shrimp! A new study out of the UK found that many freshwater shrimp have trace amounts of cocaine and even ketamine in them. Granted the amounts are very LOW, but it's still cause for concern and can have an impact on the environment in the...
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a plate of buffalo wings

The Perfect Menu Items for Your 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party

After 20 long months, the return of Game of Thrones isupon us. With the premiere of the eighth and final season on Sunday, the big question now is: What are you going to serve at your viewing party? But fear not, your Westeros-approved menu has arrived. Shall we have lemon cakes? Everyone knows...
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Shake Shack's Game of Thrones burger and shake

There Is a Secret Game of Thrones Menu at House Shake Shack

UPDATE: Good news Game of Thrones fans and burger lovers. Shake Shack annnounced today that the Dracarys burger and Dragonglass shake will be spreading like an army of white walkers across Westeros. Starting Friiday April 12 they'll be rolling out all over the country. Unless you’ve been living in...
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Thinking about Pizza and Pies today? It's Pi Day!

Save $$ today on Pi day!
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Spanish Company Creates Vegan, 3D Printed "Steak"

Say what? A Spanish company has created a plant based "steak" that can be 3D printed and cooked in minutes. Check it out below.
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Bacon On Everything

On January 30th, McDonald’s stores nationwide will unveil the brand new Big Mac Bacon burger, Quarter Pounder Bacon burger, and Cheesy Bacon Fries. In a public statement, McDonald's stated, “People love bacon, and they love our iconic Big Mac, fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers and World Famous...
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New Year, New Flavor

Oreo has officially announced a new flavor of purchasable Oreo's and we got buttered Popcorn. Coming Soon! Buttered Popcorn Oreo! -- Weird but true: I got to try one of these last month without being told what flavor it was, and I would have put all my money on it being “Pineapple” after just...
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Alabama Authorities Warn Citizens To Not Eat Spilled Roadside Chicken Tenders

The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency warns citizens that while free chicken tenders may sound amazing, the boxes of tenders have been on the side of the road for more than 24 hours following an 18-wheeler accident and are unsafe for human consumption. For citizens undeterred by the food...
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