Unicorn Puppy Has A Tail Growing Out of His Forehead!

OMG he's so cute! Poor little Narwhal was found abandoned on the side of the road. He was most likely left there because he has a tail growing out of his forehead! Vets say the tail cannot wag and it does not cause his any pain. It just makes him unique. Shame on whoever ever dumped him, he didn't...
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WATCH: Hound Dog Comforts Kitten Getting A Bath

Muh heart! Watch as this rescue hound dog comforts a foster kitten getting a bath! Too cute!
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VIDEO: French Bulldog Is Upset About His New Diet

I don't want no heckin diet mom! Poor Cashew just wants some snacks but he's on a diet! Watch the tantrum his mom caught on video!
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Drama Queen Pit Bull Faints To Avoid Getting Her Nails Trimmed

This is too adorable! Watch as this pit bull faints to avoid getting her nails trimmed!
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CUTE ALERT: Gorillas Hum "Little Food Songs" While They Eat!

Are you ready to hear the cutest thing you've heard all week? When gorillas eat, they make up "little food songs," according to primatologist Eva Luef. But wait, it gets even cuter, I promise. Ali Vella-Irving, who looks after the gorillas at the Toronto Zoo, says "Each gorilla has its own voice:...
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WATCH: Dog's Adorable Reaction to The Lion King

We REALLY don't deserve dogs. Watch this adorable pittie's reaction to Mufasa's death in The Lion King.
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Luke Bryan and Caroline

Watch Luke Bryan and His Wife Caroline Prank Each Other!

So it's just a known fact that Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are the cutest couple EVER. They've taken their cuteness to a whole new level though by PRANKING each other this Christmas season in a series of hilarity that they have been calling the "12 Days of Prank-mas"! From surprising Luke with...
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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd

Check Out Maren Morris' Cute Wedding Dress

For those of you who don't know me, I am a HUGE Maren Morris fan - her music, her style - I think she's just awesome! On March 24th she married her fiance Ryan Hurd in cute ceremony in Nashville. The couple have released photos from the wedding and I cannot get over her dress! It's non-traditional...
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This Husky Loves Her New Baby Sister

Bringing home your new baby to your fur baby can be a challenge sometimes. Fortunately for these parents, their pup LOVES the new baby! Check out the heart warming video below!
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Did you know baby bears make a purring noise like a cat?

So, this is super cute! Baby bears make a purring sound similar to a cat's when they're happy! Check it our below!
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