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Lewis Ginter Lights

RVA Attraction Tops In USA

Last year they were listed at number 4 in the country but this year USA Today says Lewis Ginter is number 2! Read about it here !
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Christmas Party

Wow What a Party

Did you hear about the staff Christmas Party in Baltimore this past Sunday? Employees all got BIG bonus checks! Read about it here !
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Thanksgiving Parade Weather Issues

Weather May Ground The Balloons

Forecasters are worried about the weather in NYC on Thursday. The balloons for the parade might be grounded. I hope not but read more here !
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New Pop Tart

A Sweet & Salty Pop-Tart

I've never been a fan of Pop-Tarts but my kids love them! Although with this flavor I might need to try them....Sweet & salty pretzel! Read more here !
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Check Your Piggy Bank

So a 1838 half dollar is going to auction and could bring BIG money! Wish I had it!! Read more here !
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Terrorizing Turkeys This Close To Turkey Day

A town has been taken over by wild turkeys and some are asking the governor to help! Read more here !
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Is Your Favorite In The Hall

I would love to visit the Toy Hall of Fame! They have announced the latest inductees that you can read about here ! Love Matchbox cars!!
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We're Looking For Interns!

Internship Opportunities at Entercom Richmond Entercom Richmond is looking for interns! We are offering interns the chance to apply classroom theory to practical experience. Our internships allow students to experience firsthand the reality of working in the radio broadcasting industry. With seven...
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