Skip the Prize Guy


Several decades ago, a meteor from another planet crashed into the Earth, with portions of Skip’s DNA attached to it.  Somehow the DNA survived entry into the earth’s atmostphere, where the meteor crash landed into a nuclear power plant.  Immediately a strong thunderstorm was stirred up, and Skip was born.  Half-man, half-wolverine, a seemingly new species.  Soon after, the government was informed of Skip’s existence, captured him and performed lengthy, tedious experiments, trying to replicate his amazing talent and drop dead good looks.  Fortunately for Skip, he was able to escape his government handlers, and disappear into the world of college students. Yes,  Skip  attended Virginia Commonwealth University, even graduating, despite countless parties and cheating on exams.  VCU was thrilled to see him leave.  Not knowing about his origins, partying, or cheating, Skip was hired for a morning radio show, where the world confirmed, early on, that Skip’s jokes were not funny.  Persistence, however, and his mutated DNA would soon pay off, and Skip moved easily in the world of radio…from Richmond to Norfolk, Greensboro to Key West.  RVA wins, though!