New York State Legislature Passes Cat Declawing Ban

Good news for kitties!

June 4, 2019
Cat paws

Getty Images

New York's State Legislature passed a bill on Tuesday making it illegal to declaw cats in the state. They are the first state to pass such a law. It now heads to the state's governor who will decide if he will officially sign it into law.

The bill would fine vets $1,000 if they are found guilty of declawing cats. A cat's claws are attached to their bones, which means when a declawing operation happens, the vet has to slice through nerves and tendon. It would kind of be like if someone cut off your top knuckle. Declawing a cat is already illegal in much of Europe as well as in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver, but no other U.S. state has voted to ban the procedure statewide.

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