Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris Are Collaborating On A New Song!

They'll also be tour together this year!

July 18, 2019

Rick Diamond / Staff | Getty Images

This is so exciting!

Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris have teamed up for a new song! It's called "Too Pretty For Prison" and the title was inspired by something she said to Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town. Miranda said ,"We were having a wine night, and I always tell all of my friends leaving, 'Don't leave if you've been drinking, because you're too pretty for prison. So, thanks Karen, for sharing that wine bottle with me and for taking an Uber."

The song isn't out yet but Miranda describes it as a "girl anthem". I can't wait to hear it! You KNOW they'll perform it when they're on tour together this fall!

You can read more below!