McDonald's Is Bringing 4 International Menu Items to US Stores This Week

You can even use any foreign currency you have to pay for it!

June 4, 2019

Joe Raedle / Staff | Getty Images

I feel like I always read about a cool menu item that McDonald's has in another country and think "why don't we have that here?!"

Well, for one day only, we'll get FOUR international menu items to choose from! This Thursday, June 6th, McDonald's will be giving us a taste of Spain, Canada, Australia, and The Netherlands! New items include a bacon gouda burger, a tomato mozzarella chicken sandwich, bacon cheese fries, and a caramel waffle McFlurry.

PLUS, between the hours of 2p and 5p on Thursday, you can pay for any international menu item with foregin currency - NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT'S WORTH! Pretty cool right? (Not that I have any international currency becuase I'm too poor to travel lol)