Kelly Clarkson Says Country Music Doesn't 'Play People With Boobs'

Once again Kelly Clarkson keeps it real

September 5, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff | Getty Images


Kelly Clarkson is known for keeping it real and she continued to do so on her new talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show.

On her new show she had a few words to say about today's country music, which she has dabbled in with her duet with Jason Aldean.

She said, "[...>country music doesn’t sound country anymore". She's not a fan of the way most new country sounds and she's definitely not a fan of the lack of female artists out there stating “Y’all don’t play people with boobs either, [but> it’s fine. ‘Oh you got boobs, you’re not a man, get out of here.’ What happened? Do you want me to go off on how many women were so monumental in my [career>?"

You can read more and see the clip from her show below!