Coca-Cola With Coffee Could Be Coming To The U.S.


June 3, 2019
Coca Cola

George Frey / Stringer | Getty Images

Is it Coke flavored coffee? Or coffee flavored Coke?

According to reports, Coca-Cola could be bring a new product to the American market! It's called Coca-Cola Plus Coffee. It's gone through taste tests in Australia, Italy and Thailand and is apparently doing VERY well. According to Delish, it will be available in 25 countries soon! This isn't the first time the company has tried to add coffee to the beverage. In 2006, Coke Blak was launched and while it was successful in Canada, it wasn't a big hit in the US. Mainly because they tried to add coffee flavor to the beloved drink rather than adding actual coffee. You can read more about the product HERE and check out a taste test video below!