Boy Goes Blind After Diet of White Bread, Pringles, and Fries

September 3, 2019

Getty Images


I was a picky eater growing up but this is kinda extreme.

A teen from the UK described as a 'fussy eater' has gone BLIND after a diet of white bread, Pringles, and french fries. 

According to a press release from the University of Bristol in England, “Since starting secondary school, the patient had consumed a limited diet of chips, crisps, white bread, and some processed pork" It continued, “By the time the patient’s condition was diagnosed, the patient had permanently impaired vision.”

The poor diet left the boy with a B-12 deficiency, high zinc levels, low copper and selenium levels, and reduced vitamin D and poor bone density.

Doctors did say that situations like this can be reversed for the most part if caught early enough.

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