Man Chips Tooth On Nail In His Burrito

January 8, 2019

ID 64343148 © Joshua Rainey | Dreamstime.com

A Massachusetts man, bit into his Chipotle burrito got a taste of something that was was not chicken. A few bites into his burrito, he bit down on a metal nail.

Initially, Nicholas Ramos thought the half-inch-long nail was just a some chicken, that was till he started to feel pain from his teeth.

Chipotle issued a statement following the freak occurrence.

"Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests and we take all claims very seriously. We immediately issued a refund following the incident and have spoken with the guest to set up a claim; however, we still intend to do a full investigation."

Ramos stated his main worry was his costly dentist bill before Chipotle stated they will fully reimburse him.