4 Scams to Look Out For After a Natural Disaster

September 17, 2018
Evacuation Route

© Eti Swinford | Dreamstime.com

Natural disasters are awful and we generally want to help out those that have been hurt the most by them be it through your time or money. And that's great, you SHOULD help your fellow man, you'd want them to help you too right? Unfortunately, it is all too comon that really shady people try to profit off of your good will by SCAMMING YOU. Below you will find the 4 most common scams after a natural disaster. 

1.  Fake rental listings. If you've just lost your home, you're going to be pretty desperate to find a new one and not have to live in a hotel in the months ahead. ALWAYS visit the rental IN PERSON before you sign a lease and NEVER wire anyone money for a rental that you haven't checked out yourself.

2.  Fake contractors.  Ask for a license and proof of insurance.  Be wary of anyone who says they have a FEMA "endorsement," since FEMA doesn't certify contractors and NEVER pay for work up front.

3.  Fake charities.  There are shady people EVERYWHERE that like to present themselves as a legitimate charity. If a random charity reaches out to you, ask for more info! if you're still unsure or suspicious, check out the National Association of State Charity Officials at nasconet.org, which lists the legitimate relief organizations in your state.

4.  Clickbait.  Fake news stories and photos are SUPER common (and they're my #1 pet peeve!). ALWAYS. DOUBLE. CHECK. THE. SOURCE. BEFORE. YOU. SHARE.