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WATCH: Cute Kittens Visit an Empty Aquarium

Just in case you need something to make you smile! A group of adorable kittens got to take over The Georgia Aquarium since it is currently closed to humans. Their names are Nemo, Guppy, Marlin, Bubbles and Dory so it's only fitting they visited an aquarium! Check out their adventure below! It looks... Read More

WATCH: Richmond Man Makes His Own Gym Out of Logs

This is awesome! And one hell of a way to beat the stay at home boredom! In a new viral video (no pun intended) a man made his own gym out of logs in his backyard! That man happens to be from RVA! His name is Ken Woelk of Gold's Gym West End! The video has even been picked up by outlets like... Read More

Skip's top 10 movies you should watch now that you are stuck home

Are you sitting down? Of course you are LOL We all need an escape from the news on TV!! FYI you can use your smart TV to hear Big 98.5 live on the app or with your Alexia device. I Here is my list of The top 10 movies you need to watch (I love my TCM BTW) 10 . The Conversation (Gean... Read More