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Twitter User Offers to Edit Your Ex Out of Pictures for $15

Got a real clown of an ex that's ruining a great picture of you? Photoshop them out! Don't know how to use photoshop? One Twitter user is here to help! Twitter user @hexappeal is offering her services to edit your ex out of any photo for just $15. Her price was originally $10, but after an... Read More

Papa John's South Korea Debuts American Hot Dog Pizza

Where junk foods collide! Papa John's South Korea has debuted an "American Hot Dog" pizza ! Each slice has a whole hot dog on it and then it's topped with chili salsa sauce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar potato mousseline, onions, dijon mustard sauce, pickle relish and parsley. It even has “Authentic... Read More

Family Accidentally Cooked a Snake with Their Frozen Pizza

Gross! A family in N.C. accidentally cooked a snake with their frozen pizza! The Helm family popped a frozen pizza in their oven when it began smoking! They removed the pizza and discovered that a snake had been stuck in their oven! I don't like snakes AT ALL, but I feel bad for the little guy. Read More
Donnie Whalberg and Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Whalberg Leaves Server a $2,020 Tip

Holy *BLEEP*! Donnie Whalberg was dining at an IHOP in Illinois where he left a $2,020 tip! . @DonnieWahlberg starting 2020 off like the amazing man he is. #ihop #2020tipchallenge -- — Jenny McC-Wahlberg (@JennyMcCarthy) January 1, 2020 His wife Jenny McCarthy tweeted a... Read More

Want to Buy a Bar? Poe's Pub in Shockoe Bottom is For Sale

Got $1.2 million laying around? Want to buy a bar? Poe's Pub, a Shockoe Bottom staple since 1994 is up for sale. Owner Michael Britt has listed the property, building, and business with Joyner Fine Properties. Britt says he does not want to close the business but has listed Poe's Pub speculatively... Read More

This Shelter Cat In N.C. Has Ears Like Yoda!

How cute is this little critter?! A shelter cat in N.C. has gained national attention because she has ears that make her look like Yoda. And we all know how popular Yoda (err, Baby Yoda) is at the moment! Her name is Joy and she was brought to the shelter on December 15th with a deep neck wound and... Read More